DIANA HOLLAND for Labour Party Treasurer Print E-mail
Friday, 02 July 2010 12:08
Biographical details 

Diana Holland has been a Labour Party member for over 25 years, and 16 years on the NEC - the longest continuous elected NEC member. She is known as a principled trade unionist with personal integrity, and a record of involving Party members in decisions. She is determined to set Party finances on a sound and transparent footing, meeting the challenges of Conservative attacks and supporting the pivotal role of local Parties. Her record of good financial governance is demonstrated in managing major funded projects on youth training, union education, and equality at work.

Diana has represented Party members at every level, from CLP officer to Labour Party Chair, chairing the 2003 Annual Conference. A regular speaker at LP Conference and TU events, she has built strong links across the Party on the NEC and NPF. She firmly believes that we achieve most, not through top-down elitism, but when all parts of the Party work together.

She is Assistant General Secretary of Unite, and served as President of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions. A leading proponent of equalities, she has negotiated with employers, including London Buses, Vauxhall, BAA, and Cadbury. A long-standing member of the TUC Women’s Committee, Vice-President of the Global Trade Union Confederation, government adviser on the National Minimum Wage, Equality Bill, and rights for disabled people, she has campaigned against poverty, under-representation of women, black, Asian & ethnic minorities, and discrimination against LGBT and disabled people.

She is a member of Islington North CLP.